Development Agreement CDS_000505 with the Ministry of Economic Development - European Union



European Regional Development Fund

ASSE I - Investment Priority 1b - Action 1.1.4

CDS_000505 Development Agreement with the Ministry of Economic Development

approved with Determination of 30/03/2017


The proposed program, both in terms of Industrial Project and Technological R&D Development, foresees total investments of approximately 61 M€, 48 M€ of which related to Industrial Investment Project and 13 M€ circa for investments in Industrial Research and Experimental Development. The provisional financial support granted is approximately 18 M€,  12 M€ of which as a non-repayable on industrial investments and about 6 M€ for R&D Investments expense contribution.


The project, as mentioned above, aims at consolidating and innovating the activities carried out by the Avio Aero Pomigliano d'Arco plant for the production of combustion chambers, the production of turbine blades and for the overhaul of civil engine modules.

In particular, investments in materials asset envisaged is aimed at innovating machining technologies in order to increase production capacity and competitiveness.


Similarly, the Industrial Research and Experimental Development activities aim at the acquisition of strategic know-how:

  • On the development of innovative technologies for the combustor, in order to maintain and improve the global technological leadership for the core products;
  • In the field of mechanical machining, with expected benefits in the efficiency and productivity of transformation processes for products like the turbine blades being machined at the Avio Aero Pomigliano d'Arco plant;
  • On the optimization of industrial technologies for the production and maintenance of turbine components.