Press releases

GE’s Catalyst and MT Propeller ready for flight


Successful completion of integrative testing of the German propeller with GE Aviation's "European" engine

AVIO AERO and MT-Propeller collaborate on a fully European integrated engine and propeller system


Integration tests between the Catalyst engine and the German propeller have begun in Brindisi. Future military applications will benefit from this promising new synergy.

GE’s Catalyst passes altitude tests


The new aircraft engine developed entirely in Europe reaches 41,000 feet after passing more than 1,100 hours of testing

AVIO AERO and MT-Propeller combine intents for an integrated, fully European engine-propeller system


The German company is the new preferred supplier for the military variants of the Catalyst engine and for the non-US military market

AVIO AERO and VR-Technologies: a new collaboration for the innovative VRT500’s rotor drive system


From the development to the manufacturing of the transmissions powering the brand-new Light Single-Engine Helicopter

AVIO AERO at the forefront of the European research program Clean Sky 2


The European Commission project aims to develop new technologies to reduce emissions in the aviation sector

AVIO AERO and the University of Florence open a new, joint laboratory


New technologies in the fields of combustion, heat exchange and fluid systems will be studied to serve aviation of the future 

AVIO AERO will produce 3D-printed components for ATP (Advanced TurboProp)


A new additive-manufacturing factory will be set up at the Avio Aero Brindisi plant in 2018.

Launch of the Apulia Repair Development Centre for Additive Repairs


Avio Aero and the Bari Polytechnic inaugurate the first laboratory in Italy devoted to the development of repair procedures for aviation engine components using additive technology

AVIO AERO and Italian Universities team up for research, the "Technology Development Community" model is launched


A strategic agreement between the company and universities: closer collaboration and first-rate expertise in the service of technological innovation.

AVIO AERO and IONES have signed a memorandum of understanding for the future cooperation on the KF-X programs


Avio Aero is a candidate to supply the Korean Aerospace Industries (KAI) with a newly designed gearbox to drive the aircraft hydraulic pump and main generator and to transmit power to the engines during the starting phase.

AVIO AERO technology chose once again to provide the turbines for new ships for Italy's naval fleet


Avio Aero is responsible for designing the turbine's control system, its auxiliary systems and the entire "package" of the propulsion system

Polonia Aero Officially Opens Cold Flow Turbine Test Facility in Zielonka


The inauguration of the laboratory is the result of a partnership between Avio Aero, Military Aircraft Works No 4 in Warsaw, the Military University of Technology and Warsaw University of Technology.

AVIO AERO and Finmeccanica - Selex ES team up to develop hybrid engines for Unmanned Aircraft


Avio Aero, a GE Aviation business, has teamed up with Finmeccanica - Selex ES to develop a hybrid electric propulsion system for use on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). 

AVIO AERO joins the platform for Unmanned Cargo Aircraft (PUCA)


PUCA brings together all stakeholders and interested parties  to create the environment, competencies and expertise necessary to promote the development of future Unmanned Cargo Aircraft.

Airbus Helicopters and AVIO AERO sign agreement for technologically advanced helicopter accessory gearboxes


The agreement came after years of successful collaboration between the two companies

AVIO AERO to supply GE LM2500+G4 gas turbine to power Italy's eighth FREMM frigate


For the FREMM program, Avio Aero assembles the gas turbine into a propulsion module produced in Brindisi

AVIO AERO & Pratt & Whitney Canada together in the next generation Pure Power® PW800 engine program


The Avio Aero’s modules will fit on the PurePower PW800 family engines that are high bypass ratio two-spool turbofans, long-duct mixed flow, built around the PurePower engine family core

AVIO AERO signs an agreement in Brazil for AMX fleet support


The contract, which runs for five years, provides for the supply of repair and maintenance services for AMX fleet aircraft engines

AVIO AERO at Farnborough Air Show 2014: the Propulsion Technology Partner for the Aviation Industry


The company will display its distinctive technologies in mechanical transmissions, turbomachinery, sand casting & additive manufacturing, CRO/MRO services.

AVIO AERO: Piedmont witnesses the birth of 3D printing for the aeronautics industry of the futuress


With its 2,400 sqm the Cameri plant will be able to accommodate up to 60 machines for producing components using additive manufacturing

AVIO AERO: aeronautical high technology at the Genova Science Festival


Guided by the Festival's scientific educational personnel, the initiative will allow participants to examine hands-on the alloys commonly used for manufacturing aeronautical engine components

AVIO AERO at Turin Aerospace & Defense Meetings


Innovation, technology and eco-compatibility for the aeronautical engines of the future

Avio: Italian technology at the 2013 Paris Air Show


On display will be the main aeronautical and space technology modules manufactured by the company: from the accessory gearboxes for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, to the innovative Vega satellite launcher with its carbon fiber construction.

Avio attends Farnborough International Airshow 2012


The company will showcase modules and systems that will power the engines of the future

Avio turbines for new "Virginio Fasan" FREMM frigate


Second Italian naval FREMM Frigate launched, the “Virginio Fasan”, which uses LM2500+G4 propulsion system developed by Avio and GE