Additive Manufacturing

Avio Aero is the ideal partner for additive manufacturing of hi-tech components for the aerospace, energy and racing sectors.

Process: Depositing successive layers of powder and then fusing them to form objects based on 3D models.


Lower material costs and wide range of alloys compared to subtractive manufacturing.

Suitable for materials that are difficult to cast.


Avio Aero has developed metal powders specifically for Laser Metal Deposition (LMD), Selective Laser Melting (SLM) and Electron Beam Melting (EBM).

These powders are optimized to deliver dependable, high quality products at an affordable price.

All powders are supplied with certificates of conformity.


TiAl alloy blades manufactured using EBM technology are a lower cost solution to casting issues such as expensive tooling and stock material management.

They offer unsurpassed mechanical properties and competitive rough parts costs.

Blades can be as long as 350 mm and can easily be machined to the required shape, using either conventional HS milling or EBM.

As the EBM process takes place a vacuum, the residual powder is not contaminated and can be reused. The machined item is free of contamination, so there is no risk of hard oxides forming in the casting, and machining is easier.

Blades can be processed in clusters depending on their size.

Avio Aero uses two different technologies:

EBM (Electron Beam Melting) uses an electron beam in the material melting process.

DMLM (Direct Metal Laser Melting) uses a laser beam to melt the material into the required form.




• AM can produce an object of virtually any shape

• Increasing object complexity does not increase production costs



• AM allows material to be added only where needed

• AM enables weight to be reduced by topological optimization

• Integration of multiple part numbers into a single part  



...lighter means cheaper

• Lead Time reduction

• No vendor tooling

• WIP Optimization



• Mechanical properties superior to casting



• Significant scrap rate reduction compared to traditional casting

Additive Manufacturing

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