New engineering solutions and unpredictable – up to now – design possibilities in the aviation industry. Manufacturing and repair of 3D aeronautical engine components using innovative additive technologies. Exclusive collaborations with companies and institutions, universities and research centers. Leading a digital revolution for our factories, as well as our own country, which is redesigning the relationship between people and machines, increasingly interconnected. For this reason, and many others, working in Avio Aero today means to step towards the future industry.

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There are programs in GE Aviation that are dedicated to train and empower our people, following learning paths aimed at enhancing their specific potential.

Some of these have been adopted in Avio Aero. An example is the Operations Management Leadership Program (OMLP), dedicated to the closest professionals in the Operations and Manufacturing world. And also the Edison Engineering Development Program (EEDP), which focuses on research, development and design areas with a spotlight on our top class products.

Curious about becoming part of the Team? Here three stories about Daniela, Martina and Eleonora.

3 girls