Over 35 years of experience with turbines, 30 years with combustors and 15 with cases and frames.

Avio Aero designs and manufactures:

- turbine modules for civil and military aircraft engines and for commercial, industrial and marine applications;

- combustors, frames and cases.

 Investments in research and innovation:

Aiming at meeting the needs of the most advanced future aeronautical engine programs.

We deliver new materials such as TiAl and innovative technologies such as 3D printing.


  • TiAl blades produced by EBM
  • Innovative low noise technologies
  • High aspect ratio airfoil mistuning
  • Aggressive Duct & Functional TRF
  • Net shape HIPping
  • Rich and lean burn combustor architecture
  • Full annular combustor testing capabilities

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All turbomachinery modules are manufactured at our facilities in Rivalta di Torino, Turin, Cameri (Novara), Pomigliano d’Arco (Naples) and Brindisi. After the design stage, Avio Aero manufacture, assemble and test products before shipping them to international customers.

Proudly work with GE Aviation, Rolls-Royce, Pratt&Whitney, Pratt&Whitney Canada, Snecma, Italian Air force, and Eurojet on best-in-class solutions such as GE90, GEnx-1B and -2B,CF6, T700, LM6000, LM2500, LMS100, CFM56, Leap, PW100, PW308, PW800, SaM146, EJ200, RB199, PT6A, RE220, APU Argo, APU 36-170, RB187 Tay, Trent500 and Ariane 5 launcher.