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ITALY - RIVALTA DI TORINO - Mechanical Transmissions, Headquarter

The Rivalta di Torino site is the Avio Aero headquarters, where both production and R&D take place. Power and accessory drives, low pressure turbine modules, rotating components for aviation engines, and automation and electronic simulation systems, are designed and built here. The plant receives the drive housings from our foundry at Borgaretto and performs all the machining processes, gear production and tests which culminate in the delivery to our customers of the drive systems that power the world's most widely used aircraft. This site is also the starting point for the projects that put us in the forefront of Europe's biggest Research and Development programs, such as Horizon 2020 and Clean Sky.

Total area: 123,000 m2 of buildings

Workforce: about 2,100

Key products manufactured at Rivalta di Torino

 Components for engines such as the TP400, PW1100, PW1500, LM6000, CH53, AS365, V2500, GEnx, LM2500, EJ200, T700, TRENT900, SaM146 and GE9X

Gears: special processes & labs; press quenching technology

RP: disc machining tech (broaching), plasma coating; automated deburring, brazing,...

Power gears machining & assembly

ITALY - TORINO - SANGONE - Mechanical Transmissions, Test Plant

Sangone is an Avio Aero testing site which has been performing development and certification tests on engines, modules and components for the most important civil and military aviation programs for more than 60 years. The site is currently focusing on experimental testing of power gearboxes, accessory gearboxes, accessory drive trains and accessory modules such as oil pumps. The tests performed on these modules include vibration survey, endurance, attitude, torsional dynamics and start mode testing, also with the aid of telemetry. The site also conducts fluid dynamics and aeroacoustic tests on a number of rigs including a turbine cold flow test cell, laboratory mechanical tests on components, turboshaft engine tests, and the design and application of instruments in a specially created laboratory.

Total area: 15,000 m2 of buildings

Workforce: About 50

Key products tested at Sangone:

Testing of ADT, ETS, TP400 PGB, PW814 AGB and oil pump

Engine testing equipment design and various component tests in the mechanical and fluid dynamics laboratories Turbine Cold flow Test for research programs

ITALY - BORGARETTO (TORINO) - Mechanical Transmissions, Foundry

Avio Aero plant at Borgaretto di Beinasco (Turin) has 2 product centers: the first is the foundry as such, performing casting processes from sand mold creation through the casting of the aluminum and magnesium alloy; the second carries out the finishing processes on the castings produced (heat treatments, welding, testing). The plant produces oil tanks, oil pumps and mechanical gearbox housings for the main civil and military aviation programs. The Magnesium casting area produces components for specific applications (such as  the EJ200 engine installed on the Typhoon) which require extreme strength combined with light weight.

Total area: 30,000 m2 of buildings

Workforce: about 250

Key products manufactured at Borgaretto:

Main gearbox housing for engines such as the TP400, PW1100 and GE9x

ITALY - CAMERI (NOVARA) - Additive Manufacturing

The Cameri plant, opened at the end of 2013, is able to accommodate up to 40 machines for producing aviation engine components by additive manufacturing (or "3D printing), the state-of-the-art technique able to produce solids of any shape starting from a digital model, by combining special metal alloys starting from powders. The plant is also equipped with an atomizer for the in-house production of powders of special metal alloys such as Titanium Aluminide - TiAl.

Two technologies are used here:

EBM (Electron Beam Melting), which melts the metal powders by means of an electron beam. The process uses metallic powders of TiAl alloys, intermetallic materials consisting mainly of titanium and aluminum

DMLM (Direct Metal Laser Melting) in which the metal powders are melted by a laser beam

Total area: 2,400 m2 of buildings

Workforce: about 20

Key products manufactured at Cameri:

                additive manufacturing components and TiAl powders


•             TiAl blades stage 5 and 6

•             Air-oil separator


•             Research and development parts in partnership with engineering


TiAl powder production plant


The Avio Aero Pomigliano d’Arco plant has 3 product centers and Europe's biggest engine test room. This plant has an impressive 30-year history as a producer of the low pressure turbine stator and rotor blades and the combustion chambers for the most important civil and military aviation programs, including the GEnx, GE9x and EJ200 and the brand new LEAP, the combustor of which, with its ground-breaking double wall chamber, is  built exclusively at this site. The CRO (Component Repair and Overhaul) services for components designed and produced by Avio Aero are also based here. Last but not least, all components of the low pressure turbine of the GE9X are delivered to this site for assembly.

Total area: 84,000 m2 of buildings

Workforce: about 1,100

Key products manufactured at Pomigliano d'Arco:

Blades, combustors and other components for aeroengines

ITALY - BRINDISI - Tests, Case & Frames, MRO

Historically, the Avio Aero Brindisi plant has always been specialized in the assembly and maintenance of aviation engines, for the Italian Air Force in particular. The plant assembles and maintains the EJ200 engine of the Eurofighter, alongside other engines such as the Spey, installed on the Brazilian Air Force's AMX aircraft. Here we also design and build components for aeroderivative turbines used for industrial and marine applications: like the LM2500 family turbines installed on naval units such as the Italian Navy's Fremm frigates or Cavour and Orizzonte battleships.

In addition, Avio Aero produces components for the low pressure turbine for both versions of the GEnx civil aviation engine at this site. A major new development: a new additive manufacturing area is scheduled to go into operation within the plant by the end of 2018.  

Total area: 54,000 m2 of buildings

Workforce: about 700 people

Key products manufactured at Brindisi:

Structural components for engines such as the LM2500+G4, LM6000, Leap, CT-7, EJ200, RB199 and T700

POLAND - BIELSKO-BIALA - Turbomachinery

The Avio Aero plant at Bielsko Biała, in Poland, is a site specialized in the design and development of aviation engine components and modules. Specifically, the site produces stator and rotor blades for low pressure turbines for civil and military engines including GE90, GEnx 1 and 2b, CFM56, T700, PW308 and LEAP. For the LEAP, the plant manufactures the low pressure turbine nozzles and stator turbine blades for stages 3, 4 and 5 on all three versions of the engine (LEAP-1A, -1B and -1C).

Total area: 24,000 m2 of buildings

Workforce: about 550

Key products manufactured at Bielsko:              

Components for engines such as the GE9X, GEnx, GE90, PW800, PW1100, Trent700, Trent900, PW150 and TP400